Accessibility: Designing Games for All

“Do you know why I wanted to interview you?” I was taken aback. After spending several hours the night before with my head buried in my copy of Gayle McDowell’s “Cracking the Coding Interview”, I was ready to take on any programming problem this guy would throw at me. Typically, with these kinds of interviews, … Continue reading Accessibility: Designing Games for All


MyIGN: A Gaming Community

A community is a group of people who share a common interest in a particular topic or hobby. A successful community is one in which its members share not only a common interest but also a mutual commitment to one another, a comradery or fellowship of sorts that thrives on the interactions between individuals, and … Continue reading MyIGN: A Gaming Community

Women in Tech is an Exposure Problem

Earlier this month, an internal memo authored by a (now former) Google employee went viral, coming under intense scrutiny by people both inside the company and out. The document, in which the author attempts to rationalize the disparity of representation between men and women in the technology field (i.e. the gender gap), attributes the issue … Continue reading Women in Tech is an Exposure Problem