What is this place?

This is The Battlestriker Blog! It’s a blog about video games.

Who are you?

My name is Bryce, and I’ve been writing about video games since 2011. Formerly, I was a blogger and moderator for IGN, where some of you may remember me as Battlestriker123.

What do you write about?

Like I said, I write about video games. While most of my pieces are about the gaming industry as a whole, I am personally interested in Nintendo and PC games (because that’s what I like to play). Expect lots of features and editorials, and little anything else.

So, no reviews?

I took a long, hard look at it and decided against doing game reviews on this blog.

How often do you post?

Unlike in the past, I am not creating self-imposed deadlines on myself. I simply post when I want to, which I expect to be about once a month (no promises though!).

Wait, this looks familiar…

The Battlestriker Blog used to be my second blog back in the day. It’s been repurposed now, and rest assured you won’t find my content anywhere else!

Wow your blog is the best thing ever!

Okay, maybe you didn’t say that. But if you want to hear more from me, consider following me on Twitter!